Everyone who wants to use an affordable opportunity to get a fiber-optic broadband connection in their home, should hurry with their application, as the time is short.

DigiMaa, initiated by Harju County municipalities, will shortly start network planning. As a result, we will learn how much work the building of the cable network in Harju County will involve and how much it will cost. The planning is the basis to apply for state aid for building the so-called last mile. The fiber broadband connection is not planned for all the houses of Harju County. It will be available only for the households who have sent their application to DigiMaa.

DigiMaa fiber-optic broadband network will be owned by a neutral network company, created by local governments. Thanks to this, each person can choose their own service provider and desired services. DigiMaa fiber broadband network has virtually unlimited bandwidth and it ensures the best data communication quality. It allows to use the fastest Internet connections and the most extensive TV services. In addition, the fiber-optic cable network is future-proof and will not need to be replaced after a few years.

Everyone wishing to join DigiMaa broadband connection, should submit their application by August 31 at the latest. You can submit it on your computer or smart phone on DigiMaa web page.

Act right now, otherwise you will be left without.


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