Collaboration between counties and towns in Harju County was initiated, for the residents and enterprises to get modern broadband connection to homes and offices. A fiber optic cable will be installed to buildings of all appliers, which enables fast and high-quality broadband internet connection, television and telephone services, and various other modern services.

The enterprise established in the beginning of April is called DigiMaa. All municipalities of Harju County participate in DigiMaa project and the collaboration is led by the Union of Harju County Municipalities.

The collective endeavor was initiated because modern internet connection is not available for the most part of residents and enterprises in Harju County. Telecommunications companies do not offer broadband internet connection or ask thousands of Euros for fiber cabling. The leaders of municipalities and towns of Harju County are in collective position that fiber optic cable based broadband connection must be available for an affordable price for everyone. The state has supported the construction of a broadband backbone network for years, and is now ready to support the last mile construction i.e. connecting houses to the network.

According to DigiMaa project manager Olav Harjo, the long-term influence of DigiMaa broadband connection to local development can be measured in all fields: people have better access to e-state services and entertainment, business environment and competitiveness improve, new learning and development opportunities open, information dissemination and communication opportunities improve, community’s cohesiveness and welfare increase, and security and convenience improve.

DigiMaa installs fiber optic cable networks in regions where operators have not established it yet and also do not plan any fiber cabling. DigiMaa will not offer internet services. All who have joined DigiMaa network can choose which communications provider’s internet connection, television and telephone services to use.

All who wish to connect to DigiMaa broadband connection must apply now. DigiMaa network will not be installed to all building but only those who apply for it. For applying, one must go to website and on the application page mark the address where one wants the connection.

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